Pink haired girl.


Osiris is one of the main antagonists in Scented Marker. She is guarenteed to appear as a playable character and a Boss.


Osiris was created when Litwick realized that Emanon needed a girlfriend. His friends thought the same. Osiris' name comes from the favorite type of shoes among Litwick's friends.

Early LifeEdit

When Osiris was 12, she went out on her first date with Emanon. The both of them got caught in a nuclear accident that turned them into Ki Beings. Their skin and clothes turned completely black, and they had pink outlines. Emanon managed to absorb most of Osiris' Ki powers (at least enough to turn her into a human). Osiris read book after book, while Emanon was forced to hide in a cave. When they were both 16 Osiris learned of the 4 magical scented markers that could turn them back to normal. Many years of cave and library living had twisted their hearts making them think that humans were filthy animals, that needed to be destroyed.